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Support for Listeners

Support for Listeners

What do I need to listen to a program?

There are two ways to listen to a live, or recorded (archived) Interactive Webcasts: Quicktime or MP3.

  • Quicktime: You can use Apple's Quicktime Player on either a PC or a Mac. If you don't already have the Quicktime Player installed on your computer you can download it from:
  • MP3: (You can use iTunes, WinAmp, or any media player that can play live and/or recorded MP3 format audio files). For live programs we recommend you use Apple's free iTunes: For archived programs in MP3 format you can use any digital audio software that can play MP3 files. (iTunes, Quicktime Player, Windows Media Player, Winamp, etc.).

How do I call in a question during a live show?

Call 573-884-3803, or 866-768-5483 (Toll Free).

Technical Issues that you might encounter:

  • Firewalls
    The biggest issue most people have when trying to listen to live audio webcasts is a local or network firewall blocking the audio stream. If you are having problems listening to the Quicktime audio format, try the MP3 audio format. If you cannot access either Quicktime or MP3 audio formats this is a good indication that your computer, or your computer network administrator, has the ports blocked that allow streaming audio to reach your computer. More technical information about which ports are used to send audio for SISLTcast Webcasts is available through the Zone.
  • Internet Access/Speed
    SISLTcast webcasts are designed to successfully reach computer users who access the Internet via a standard 56 Kbps dial-up modem.
  • Speakers or Headphones:
    Make sure your computer is capable of playing audio and your computer's volume level is not turned all the way down, or muted. If you have headphones for your computer you may want to use them for live and recorded webcasts to enhance the audio experience.
  • Echo or feedback when calling into a live show
    You will need to turn down your computer speakers when you are calling a question into the program to prevent feedback. When you are on the phone asking your question you will be able to hear the program in your telephone receiver.
  • Other technical issues
    If you need assistance with technical issues that prevent you from hearing the SISLTcast programs please contact us. Please indicate if you are trying to listen to a live or recorded broadcast and provide enough information about your system setup so we can attempt to help you resolve your problem. It is usually not possible to troubleshoot your problems while a live program is being broadcast, so you may have to wait and listen to the program after it is archived.

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